Fruits of the summer:

Flowers past their best,

Evening primrose sadly worn –

Joy rests in the fruits.


I think I will start writing notes again. The kigo today (seasonal reference) is the wilted evening primrose flowers. There is a melancholy feeling (wabi-sabi) of summer coming to an end and memories of those joyful, lively, fresh flower days, but joy can never really lie in memories. It exists now in the fruits, which have stored the energy of the flowers and the sun and the summer, ready to produce new flowers next year. Joy is always in the moment, and instead of longing for the summer fun and knowing it will soon end, we can still feel that joy in the fruits that were created by it – in the ways we have grown with the experiences.

About Basho Barr

Inspired by the great Japanese Haiku master, Matsuo Basho, I try to capture a daily moment in a small but perfectly formed Haiku.
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