Carpe Diem daily prompt – Joyful.

Trees, restful, mournful, 

Pain and pleasure rise and fall – 

Joyful, eternal. 

About Basho Barr

Inspired by the great Japanese Haiku master, Matsuo Basho, I try to capture a daily moment in a small but perfectly formed Haiku.
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15 Responses to Carpe Diem daily prompt – Joyful.

  1. 4joy says:

    lovely, just lovely..

  2. kz says:

    brilliant 5-7-5 🙂

  3. Very well written Basho Barr … it’s in Basho’s Spirit and has (to me) a deeper meaning. Thank you for sharing this with Carpe Diem.

    • Basho Barr says:

      Thank you. I’ve only just seen your comment as a whole load of comments got sent to the spam folder for some reason. Thanks for your Carpe Diem. It’s a great resource 🙂

  4. WabiSabi says:

    There are few things that give more joy than the trees! Nicely done!

  5. Yes, pain and pleasure do rise and fall and, unfortunately, we seem to rise and fall right along with them!

    A Joyful Haiku

  6. ElizOF says:

    Beautiful… timeless. :What do I do next? 🙂

  7. ElizOF says:

    Well captured. 😉

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